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Cisco 675/678 setup and configuration

These are the steps needed to make your Cisco 675 Connect to Znet. You will need to install your network card before you begin. If you have problems with your network card during the install please call 800-247-7285 for Megabit Service 24x7 Technical Support.

Make a serial connection to your Cisco router using Hyper Terminal. You must plug the black cable that came with your router into a comm port on the back of your computer.The other end plugs into the Management port on your router You also need to connect the yellow cross over cable from the router to the network port on the back of your computer.There is no default password for the router when you get it new (hit ENTER when it asks you for the password.)

Port settings for connection to router:

1. Port Speed: 38400
2. Data bits: 8
3. Parity: None
4. Stop bits: 1
5. Flow control: None

All commands are followed by "enter"
1. enable
2. set nvram erase
3. write
4. reboot
5. enable
6. set ppp wan0-0 ipcp
7. set ppp wan0-0 dns


8. set ppp wan0-0 login yourusername@2z.net9. set ppp wan0-0 password yourpassword
10. set ppp restart enabled
11. set nat enable
12. set dhcp server enable
13. set dhcp server pool 0 size 16
14. set dhcp server pool 0 dns 64.61..233.2
15. set dhcp server pool 0 sdns
16. set rip disabled
17 set web disabled
18. set multicast forwarding disabled ***1
19. set password exec xxxxx ***2
20. write reboot

***1 "Set multicast forwarding disabled" may error out if you have an older CBOS version. Do not worry, the command is not required for your DSL to work
***2 We do NOT keep track of your router password. You are responsible to keep track of your own router password (pick something easy to remember, but not easy to guess. You may use the same password as your login name if you wish, however, Znet will still not be able to store or track this password for you. If you wish extra security, you can also "set password enable enablepassword" with a different password that is used to change settings in your router. AGAIN: DO NOT LOOSE YOUR ROUTER'S PASSWORD(S).

How to set up your network workstations:

TCP/IP Setting for Network card in "Control Panel" under "Network".
If you are using a different OS then Windows, the settings will go into where you configure your network card. Please call if you need help finding these settings.

WINS Configuration - disable
WINS resolution IP address - set to obtain IP automatically
DNS Configuration - enable DNS Host = machine's name Domain =
DNS Server Search Order = then

Internet Settings in Control Panel under the Connection Tab should be set to "Connect to the Internet using a Local Area Network".

Restart the computer.

DSL Configuration - Actiontec Modem